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For Professional Women...

“How I Took Control Of My Professional Life After I Was Unemployed And Unemployable”
Cecilia Younger
What you will discover:

  • How to position yourself in the job market and your career as confident, competent and trustworthy in less than 4 months and differentiate yourself from everyone else.
  • How to Pin Point your ideal career, be 100% aligned with your values and interest, and get the job you want or change careers.
  • How to design your life based on your true passions and the life experience you already have!
  • The 4 critical mistakes women make that keep them stuck struggling for moths and how you can avoid them now!
  • PLUS: You will receive a free ebook with tips about returning to work.
"Getting back into the corporate world after being away for years to raise kids was very difficult until a friend recommended a 6-week coaching program offered by ‘The Redesign Project’’ for women who wanted a fresh start. I was in search of a high paying job to support hubby and family but I obviously wasn’t going about it the right way. Thanks to this coaching program where I got to learn how to create a professional vision to help build the steps to getting the job I want and shortly after the program ended, I landed a great job." ~D.B., South Carolina

"Just when I had started to lose hope and was starting to think that I was going to remain unemployed forever or be stuck with a menial job with no future prospects, I stumbled across the ray of hope I had been searching for." ~ W.P., Texas

"After completing this course, I felt I now had the tools and skills required to re-enter the professional world, and grab life by the horns. Thanks to the professional vision that this program helped be build, I managed to land a high paying job with plenty of potential for growth in the future." ~S.R., Minnesota

"I urge others to support THE REDESIGN PROJECT on the grounds that the programs make chances of women to discover their voice and speak. This 6 week coaching program was instructive as we were charged to investigate our personal design, which incorporates finding what motivates and draws in you and your expert esteems...It was a truly awesome experience for every one of us and we anticipate putting all that we've learnt into actions." ~M.F., UK

Warning: This is a free training to expose the skills needed to get back to work.
This one will be no exception - So claim your spot below.
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